Focused on Learning

Focused on LearningThe School for Young Children is a special place offering a warm and welcoming feeling to all that enter. Situated adjacent to a five-acre nature preserve, The School’s pastoral surroundings frame the foundation of its educational values. Children regularly walk the woods and trail, observing, exploring, and appreciating nature. Many of the natural treasures are brought into the classroom for extended learning experiences.

ClassroomsThe spacious classrooms are created with a home-like atmosphere that include hardwood floors, area rugs, soft neutral colors and oversized chairs and couches. Many natural elements are incorporated into the classroom as a way to connect children to nature. A main feature of our unique, one-story school is the eight-foot high windows in each classroom that invite an abundance of natural lighting. Within the classroom, learning centers are strategically arranged to create an engaging environment. Art, blocks, dramatic play, science, and library areas are just a few examples of such learning centers. Our carefully designed classroom arrangement invites children to explore, experiment, and investigate.

Resource RoomResource RoomOur Resource Room provides a comfortable gathering place for families and visitors. Families gather in the Resource Room while waiting to drop off or pick up their children. Small groups of families gather to share coffee and conversations and to plan activities.

Families and visitors can gather in the Resource Room to access valuable professional development resources. A variety of resources are available in regard to parenting, curriculum development, accreditation, and more.

PlagroundOutdoor play critically affects children’s healthy brain development. At The School for Young Children, children play outdoors on a daily basis during all seasons.

Play structures provide for climbing, swinging, crawling, sliding, and digging. A small grassy hill allows for rolling during the warm season and sledding in the winter. Garden boxes add to the beauty of the playground and provide opportunities for children to engage in horticultural experiences.

Nature TrailThe nature trail offers a valuable way for teachers to extend the math and science curriculum. The trail extends through the woods adjacent to and beyond the open field south of the school building.

While walking along the trail, many concepts are explored such as seasonal changes, growth, life cycles, survival, and erosion. Children develop observation skills as they are guided to recognize and explore the changes that take place throughout the seasons.

Taylor's FieldTwo beautiful gazebos situated at the north end of the field overlook an acre of open space. This open field provides learning opportunities (including searching and collecting) and a place to run and explore. Additional equipment is accessible for tumbling, rolling, hopping, and jumping.

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